What are your plans for Fall 2022?

You can now schedule weekly, monthly, one-time, or special event dance classes for your Homeschool Group, Bubble or Pod, your Micro School, or your Neighborhood Groups. Directed physical exercise is vital to a child’s development and moving to music is a wonderful way to release stress and energy. Our classes are designed for social distancing and we come prepared with age-appropriate music, sound system, activities, and dances.  Classes are filled with creativity and our solid reputation of teaching in South County schools for 13 years.  Community style classes and years of experience allow us to teach classes to a wide age range and create themes.

Do we have to wait until the beginning of the month to enroll in a class?
No waiting! We want you in our class now! We happily take enrollments at any time of the month! You can calculate your pro-rated amount by counting how many classes are left in the month and multiplying that by $15. For example, if your child’s class is held on a Tuesday and there are only 2 Tuesdays left in the month your tuition due is $30 plus the annual registration fee of $25.

Do I have to pay the registration fee?
Yes. Our annual registration fee is collected once a year for every student. It includes a super cute DIH shirt that is delivered to your child at school after your registration has been processed through the office.

What if I do not have a credit card?
Please email us to set up additional payment options.

Do I need to enroll every month?
Not at all! Once you enroll in any of our classes your account is active, your billing cycle will continue, and we expect payment until you notify us that you will no longer be part of our program. We do require a two-week notice when leaving the program.

How are your monthly tuition rates calculated?
We base our rates on a 4 class a month system. Some months might have 5 classes and you will not be charged for the extra class as it will cover a month that has only 3 classes due to a holiday. We are aware of the months that have the greatest fluctuations and make accommodations to those schools on an individual basis.

What does my child have to wear to class?
Clothes that allow movement; suggested leggings & a Dancing in Harmony T-shirt included with the annual $25 registration. Items will be delivered to your child’s school once registration is processed. All Dance students are encouraged to have ballet or closed-toe shoes. Dance shoes are not required until recital time. Yoga students are encouraged to bring a yoga mat or a towel to class.

What if my child no longer wants to participate?
While this rarely happens once your child enjoys our class, we understand that our awesome program might not be a fit for everyone. We strongly encourage you to discuss with your child “seeing something through” or learning if it was just a bad day and contacting us so we can learn from the teacher if something happened. Very often a bad day could just be that, someone pushed their way to the front of the line and the day was just destroyed! However, finishing out a month or trying one more month you will often see confidence and excitement in your child for fulfilling their commitment to joining our fun and stimulating class. Should that or the excitement for applause still not be enough, we will close your account effective the first of the following month.

What if we move?
We will be sad to see you go! Please email notification of your last class date and we will close your account.

We are still scheduling weekly, monthly, one-time, or special event dance classes for you Bubble. Pod, Micro School, Home School or Neighborhood Groups.