Payment Policy

Your account will be set up on Auto-pay and will be charged on the first of each month. Classes are calculated based on a full school year of classes and divided by 9 months. Tuition is the same each month. The only prorated month is if you start the program mid-month. Your child will remain on our roster until we hear from you via email to cancel your account with a two-week notice. A late cancellation fee of $15 applies if less than two-week notice. Your account will continue to be active and payments will be deducted from your card until we receive notice from you via email to [email protected].

Late Payment Policy

A late fee of $10 will be applied to all late payments 5 days after the first of the month. This is a one-time fee. Tuition late fees will be added to only one student per family.

Multiple Student/Multiple Class discount

We do offer a discount for families enrolling multiple students or if you enroll your child in multiple classes. The second student or second class will have a discount of $15 off of tuition.